NVIDIA GeForce 440.97 WHQL Game Ready

    Nouveaux pilotes NVIDIA GeForce 440.97 WHQL Game Ready. Ceux-ci se consacrent aux jeux Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare et The Outer Worlds. Le premier bénéficie du Game Ready tandis que le deuxième gagne un profil SLI.

    Pour télécharger les pilotes, il vous suffit de suivre la source. Voici en attendant, l’ensemble des nouveautés que propose ces pilotes GeForce 440.97 WHQL Game Ready.

    Game Ready

    Provides increased performance and the optimal gaming experience for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and The Outer Worlds.

    Gaming Technology

    Adds support for windowed G-SYNC for OpenGL and Vulkan-based applications.

    Application SLI Profiles

    Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

    • Darwin Project
    • The Outer Worlds (NVIDIA Turing GPUs only)

    New Features and Other Changes

    • G-SYNC is now supported on windowed OpenGL and Vulkan applications.
    • Fixed flashes or frame drops in several Notebook models when running G-SYNC in the lower of the two system refresh rates.

    Fixed Issues in this Release

    • [FIFA 19/FIFA 20]: The game may crash to the desktop. [2690624/2713659/200559659]
    • [Apex Legends]: Random flickering occurs on the screen. [2709770]
    • [Star Wars: Battlefront II]: Random crashes to the desktop occur. [200550245]
    • [Growtopia][GeForce RTX]: The game crashes when launched. [2709649]
    • [Tradesmen OS3DE]: Objects are missing in the game. [2691363]
    • [World of Warcraft]: Flickering occurs on the character select screen. [2684628]
    • [Cinema 4D]: Trailing ghosting effect appears when moving the brush tool. [2633267]
    • [Shadow Of The Tomb Raider][DirectX 12]: The game crashes after hitting a TDR error.[200549489]
    • [Forza Horizon 4]: Colored corruption appears in the game during gameplay. [200544234]
    • [Notebook][GeForce GTX 970M]: GPU clock cannot be boosted beyond base clock speed. [2683147]

    Windows 10 Issues

    • [Battlefield V][G-SYNC][HDR]: When G-SYNC and HDR are enabled, the game cannot be maximized to full-screen after being minimized to the taskbar. [200558314]
    • [Grand Theft Auto V]: The game frequently crashes.



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